About Us

About Us

Front Royal Catholics Civic Education Group
Our Purpose

The mission of the Front Royal Catholics Civic Education Group (the Group) is to increase the  civic education and civic participation of individual Front Royal Catholics in events and on issues ranging from the local to the national.  The goal of the Group is for individuals -- not the Group -- to become effective promoters and defenders of the Catholic interests.  The Group does not speak for the individuals, and the individuals do not speak for the Group.

Two special activities of the Group:

1. Maintaining a website to briefly disseminate civic items of interest to Front Royal Catholics.  Most website data will consist of links to other documents. 

2. Sponsoring and hosting educational presentations on civic topics important to Catholics.  Brief discussions will follow the presentations.

How the Group is organized:

1. Tom McFadden, Sr., John Lundberg, and Tony Rozanski are getting the Group “off the ground.”  They invite all practicing Catholics to join.

2. There are no dues of “official membership” for joining.  The two obligations of membership are to a) support for the Group’s mission and b) allow your name to be put on an email list.  The email list will be used to announce the Group’s next speaker/DVD presentation, recent posts to the Group’s website, and other items of interest to practicing Front Royal Catholics.  Participation in any community activity by individuals in the Group is strictly voluntary.

3. The Group hopes large numbers of practicing Front Royal Catholics join the Group and participate in civic events to the extent that their time and interests permit.  We want Front Royal to be a community where practicing Catholics wish to live, work, and raise their family.

The Group’s relationship with other organizations:

The Group will cooperate with or act in harmony with any organization that reflects Catholic interests.  Many excellent Christian and secular groups are involved in civic activities that reflect Catholic interests. 

Some of these organizations are: 
  • At the local level, the Shenandoah Christian Alliance.  
  • At the State level, the Virginia Family Foundation and the Virginia Society for Human Life.
  • At the national level, the Home School Legal Defense Association, The Beckett Fund,  the Discovery Institute, and the Alliance Defending Freedom.

Many or these organizations have excellent websites and/or newsletters that the Group can bring to the attention of Group participants.

The Group’s relationship with St. John the Baptist Roman Catholic Church:

We are an “unofficial but supportive” within St. John the Baptist Roman Catholic Parish.  The parish’s parochial vicar is an “Observer” to our Group. 

Method of leadership and agenda setting:

This is a new and experimental organization.  Group organizers Tom McFadden, Sr., John Lundberg, and Tony Rozanski will get the Group “off the ground.”  They invite enthusiastic and willing persons to join the Group and help form and lead a “consensus team” that will select speakers/DVD presentations and determine issues to address on the Group’s website.