Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the “Front Royal Catholics Civic Education Group”
Q: What kind of organization is the Group?
It is a “civic education” organization -- not a “religious education” group.  
Q: What is the Group’s mission?
To provide faithful Catholics with civic education so they can be more effective as individuals in the public square defending Catholic interests.  The group’s charter clearly states it is up to the individual to do with the information that the group provides. The charter states, “The group does not speak for its members -- nor do the members speak for the group.”
Q: What “Catholic interests” should faithful Catholics be defending in the public square?
There are several interests that must be defended: 1) Non-negotiable Church teachings.  2) Religious liberty. 3) The fact some moral issues are more important than others.  4) School choice.  5) The principle of Subsidiary.  6) The principle of Double Effect.  7) Only fighting “just wars.”  8) Voting (i.e., not sitting out the election because the perfect candidate is not running.  9) Repealing the Johnson Amendment. 
Q:  What kind of “participation in the public square” does the Group anticipate faithful Catholics taking?
1) Vote.  2) Read the local newspapers or their website to know what is going on in the local area.  3) Monitor the Front Royal Town Council, Warren County Board of Supervisors, Warren County School Board, and Virginia state legislature.  4) Contact elected officials, editors of local newspapers, or post data on social media whenever Catholics interests are threatened or violated.  5) Encourage persons who support Catholic interests -- and this includes many Evangelicals -- to run for public office. 
Q: How does the Group provide its members with “civic information”?
In three ways: 1) Maintaining a website.  2) Posting material to its Facebook page.  3) Scheduling speakers.  Our website address is http://frontroyalcatholics.myfreesites.net     Our Facebook address is https://www.facebook.com/frontroyalcatholics/   Our email address is [email protected]
Q: How does the Group decide what is posted to the Group’s website and Facebook?
A “consensus team” of group organizers decides.  The team consults with the parochial vicar who is the Pastor’s designated as an “observer” to the Group if and when articles that may cross the line into religious issues are being considered for posting.  The consensus team welcomes submission of ideas from action-oriented members willing to join the consensus team.
Q: Will the consensus team consider material from non-members?
Yes.  The team will consider material or action projects from anyone that promotes or defends Catholic interests in the public square.  Send  material to [email protected]
Q: Why was the Group formed?
There were two basic reasons: 1) Many parishioners at St. John the Baptist Roman Catholic Church in Front Royal, Virginia say they know little about what is happening on the town council, county council, and local school board; or what is happening at the state and national level from a Catholic perspective because so many media outlets either withhold information or exhibit bias against Catholics. 2) “Secular Humanism” -- so entrenched in our culture and public schools -- is a major reason young people are losing the Faith and leaving the Church in significant numbers.  There are 30 million ex-Catholics in America today.  The Group is confident it can help stem the potential loss of Faith among our parish children by education programs aimed at combating Humanist propaganda disseminated in the schools.
Q: What is the Group’s status within St. John’s Parish?
The Group is an “unofficial but supportive” organization of the parish.  Its name appears in the weekly church bulletin under “St. John’s contact information.”
Q:  Who is eligible to join the Group?
Any practicing Catholic who gives the Group his email address to receive communication from the Group becomes a member.  The Group’s email list will not be shared with anyone.
Q: What is the only obligation of membership?
It is to give the Group one’s email address.  The Group will then notify you when they have special information to disseminate or a speaker has been scheduled.  Costs of speakers will be covered by free will offerings. The group charges no dues or fees.  The group holds no membership meetings.
Q: Will the Group work with non-Catholic civic education groups?
Yes.  There are many non-Catholic organizations that support Catholic interests.  Many have excellent websites and newsletters to which we will link our members on our website.  For example, at the local level, there is the Shenandoah Christian Alliance; at the State level, the Virginia Family Foundation and the Virginia Society for Human Life; and at the national level, the Home School Legal Defense Association, The Beckett Fund, the Discovery Institute, and the Alliance Defending Freedom.  
Q: How do I join the Front Royal Catholics Civic Education Group?
Send an email to [email protected] and state you wished to be put on the Group’s email list.